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The trio has moved away from where it all began in Aarhus to visit Mr. Moose at the Annual Party 2019!

With their legendary rap harmony, the guys in Bogfinkevej have gradually established themselves as the band that continues to deliver sharp lyrics, informal fun and a solid portion of public love.

After a very successful autumn tour, which has seen multiple sold out venues all over the country, they now return in great fashion with their debut album, BFV. Genre wise, the embrace of the album is broader than ever, as the tracks deliver both danceable tunes as well as more reflective and serious tracks.

Bogfinkevej’s unique universe of catchy tunes, sweaty beats and lyrics with depth and edge unfolds to that extent on their debut album, and once again emphasize the musical versatility and strength of the three guys from Aarhus.

In 2018, Bogfinkevej participated in TV2’s official tour across the country. Also, they have already played Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival and Skanderborg Festival. Recently they created scenarios of profound glee with two sold out release parties in Vega and Voxhall.

Just after New Years Eve they published a golden remix of their hit ‘Smilets By’ made in collaboration with two of Denmark’s biggest artists, L.O.C and Steffen Brandt, whom both share heritage with Bogfinkevej. This track is naturally also included on the debut album. Furthermore, Jokeren, Kejser A., Kasper Spez and Loke Deph take part in the album.

Bogfinkevej is not only crushingly strong on record, but also incredibly special at their live shows. GAFFA wrote the following on their latest performance: “… And to be honest: The lyrics are fascinating, crooked. The music is exceptionally melodic. The campfire vibe magnetic.” and that in itself, says it all. When you first step into the life on Bogfinkevej, it is extremely difficult not to be spellbound.

Listen to Bogfinkevej here:

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