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They came together in 2017, in 2018 they won “karrierekanonen” and now the rap duo Ravi Kuma is ready to own Thorsens Arena at the annual party 2019!

You may know them form hook lines as ”Fuck This Shit I’m Gonna Be A Princess” and ”Why You Motherfuckers Keep Staring At My Dick”, but Ravi Kuma is much more than that. They started out playing at small parties to play at bigger venues and now they have played at Roskilde Festival, P3 Guld, Distortion and on SPOT Festival.

The crowd can expect an intense and energized live-performance, as Gaffa describes in a review: “Ravi Kuma is simply here to stay. They offer a party which cannot be found elsewhere, and they perform their music as a lovely punch in your face”.

Their album ’Sub’ is a mix of producer Aske Knudsen’s electronic beats and the rapper Sharon Kumaraswamy’s lyrics and high energy. The duo bring up subjects of current interest from a humanly, personal and social perspective. It’s about finding the beautiful in the ugly and the unity at a concert where provocative lyrics, party and hope is in the spotlight.
“Even though our music has a lot of irony and humor to it, and for some people it may seem like we’re just foolin’ around, the music is about important stuff which we would like to share with whoever wants to listen”, Sharon says.

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