Roskilde University have held the Annual Party since 1976 and is a party for students by students. You can read more about the history of the Annual Party and the students who’s a part of the organizing group.

The annual party has always been managed, organized and developed by the group called The Kamarilla.
The word is derived from Spanish, and originally “kamarilla” is used about a group of people enjoying a ruler’s favor, and that has no real authority or formal position, and exert their influence in the background. But behind the very creative name, hides really just a bunch of students who volunteer to create a great party for all RUC students, staff and friends.

Here you can see the members of The Kamarilla and which committees they work in.

Louise Mattesen Provstgaard
HR & Hand Command
7. Semester – Performance Design & Business studies

Iben Stubgaard Kaizer
Music & Cleaning
9. Semester – Performance Design & Plan, City og Process

Liban Dirir
Music & PR
5. Semester – Informatics & Psychology

Anna Find Friederichsen
7. Semester – Communikation & Performance Design

Malene Poulsen
Safety & PR
7. Semester – Communikation & Performance Design

Nanna Westenholz Handberg
HR & Basis
9. Semester – Business Administration

Kristoffer Brix Larsen
Bar & Cleaning
5. Semester – TekSam

Cæcilie Nygård Koefoed
Music & Basis
3. Semester – HumBach

Micky Winther Ronnenberg
Safety & KÆP
5. Semester – HA Business Economics

Nanna Vanderskrog
Safety & KÆP
9. Semester – TekSam & Plan, City og Process

Christina Orbæk Jensen
Bar & Hand Command
9. Semester – Informatics & Communikation

Frederik Graversen
PR & Cleaning
6. Semester – Communikation & Performance Design

Alberte Thomsen
Chairmanship & Bar
5. Semester – Performance Design og Communikation

Isabell Emilie Flagstad
Chairmanship & Safety
7. Semester – Performance Design & Communikation

Matias Steenberg
Bar & Hand Command
5. Semester – TekSam, Environmental Planning

Emilie Kastbjerg Ladefoged
Hand Command & KÆP
8. Semester – Professional Studies & Communikation

Cecilie Fournais Kvols
Music & Basis
5. semester – Communikation & Performance Design

Johannes Dandanell Neimann
Safety & Basis
5. Semester -Environmental Biology & Planning

Lykke Devantier Boisen
Bar & HR
8. Semester – Administration


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