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In 1976 RUC wanted a more casual appearance compared to the other universities and that resolved in The Annual Party taking it’s first steps that year. The principal held an official ceremony and after that the separate houses invited to a party.

In the last years of the 1970’s The Annual Party was one big tent with music playing. The guests were able to buy some food while the separate houses each threw a party. During these years The Annual party took place in the Spring instead of the Fall.

The Annual Party changed appearance a bit in the beginning of the 80’s. It was during these years that you could experience the revue during the evening. Both employees and students stood on this stage and entertained with sketches and monologues about current subjects.

While The Annual Party got moved back to being held in September in the mid 80’s it also got a more distinct coordinator in ’84: Henrik Thorsen. Part of the responsibility which had been in the financial department got handed over to him with a small amount of money for music and the party was arranged with a couple of students sitting in a circle in a small office at RUC.

During the years 1889-90 a theme party in the memory of John Mogensen proved to be such a big succes that it had to be repeated. One house threw a John Mogensen party in ’89 which was such a big succes that the former principal, Henrik Toft, and Henrik Thorsen decided to incorporate it into the official part of The Annual Party in ’90 as a theme.

In the 90’s The Annual Party grew bigger and bigger – both in the number of organizers and guests. It was in fact in the year of 1990 that Kamarillaen was formed. The group of volunteering students played a huge part in the planning and execution of the party. They were in charge of the creative bits and helped Thorsen make things happen. Kamarillaen turned out to be an important part of The Annual Party – today we know Kamarillaen as the group of happy students that hide behind the creative name and work voluntarily to create an incredible party for all RUC’s students, employees and friends (

As the number of guests grew bigger Kamarillaen started planning The Annual Party with more safety consideration. In the year of ’97 the former principal asked for more safety at the party which meant that there were being held meetings between the organizers and the police about how the party should be held. As these meetings got implemented the guests would now start seeing security guards at the party – and with that the security guards became a part of the party to help make it safe for all.

Four years earlier the official part of The Annual Party moved to building 00 as the building was finished in ’93. The principal’s official part of The Annual Party with the invited guests and the student-driven Annual Party is how we still know it to this day.

Things started changing at the turn of the millennium. In the year of 2002 Kamarillaen could turn on the radio only to hear several radio hosts announce The Annual Party as an open party for all and that you would miss the greatest party of the year if you didn’t get yourself on a train to Trekroner. For several years you were able to hear these kind of announcements. The Annual Party was now so popular with more guests showing up that the Danish Emergency Management Agency feared for the guests safety and would only approve the party if the safety got improved. This concern was also present among Kamarillaen and in 2003 they made an agreement with the local police that the party would be fenced in, they would have more checking at the entrance and the house parties would close at 11 pm.

The fact that the house parties had to shut down early didn’t make the party less fun. Instead tents with bars and music were put up and a new tradition even took it’s first steps: The Basis Tents. They were given their name because the educations at RUC were called ‘basis’-educations and not bachelors as they are today. At the beginning there were three basis tents: Nat, Hum and Sam. Later on it changed and the three tents were given to the three houses that sent in the best and most creative applications filled with all their ideas for the party they would throw in the tent. For a short period there was even a trophy going around among the houses who came up with the best theme.

It was also around this time that the logo for The Annual Party was made. Several students havde noticed a moose in RUC’s coral logo. In 2006 Kamarillaen turned RUC’s logo 90° to the left and got a moose as a logo and the slogan “Elgen Kommer” was created.

In 2013 the basis tents got moved from the lawn behind building 14 to the football fields, the same year as the guest list expanded as we now welcomed the students of Campus Roskilde at University College Sjælland to join the party as well.

Through the years The Annual Party has also changed on the surface and in the recent years the visual expression has changed as well.
The Annual Party has become an impressive and exciting party.

Kamarillaen’s ambitions are sky high every year and their fellow students help create the party: both as volunteers and at the house parties and of course the employees that join in on the celebration as well. The glory renews itself every year and the story of The Annual Party at RUC keeps evolving.

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