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Win a Basis Tent at the Annual Party

Do you want to help create an awesome Annual Party?

Don’t look any further!

By the entrance to the Annual Party is an area in which there are two big tents that can be run by students. This is your chance to have an impact on the party of your own. Through an application, one of these tents can be yours, which will function as a gathering point for your house, in which you can throw the greatest party within the Annual party. Aside from from having a great time with your fellow students, it is also a great chance to create and strengthen a unique bond in your house. Furthermore you will be invited to our infamous sjatfest where we will indulge in the leftover liquids from the party!

You can apply for access to a tent as a single house or multiple houses together, which is a great chance to create something together with students, who either study something else than you or are further in their studies. Such cooperations are highly recommended, as they are a great way to establish bonds across different years, as well as provide more hands, flexibilities and ideas for how to run the bar and create the best party.

So if you want to have a great party, strengthen the bonds in your house and just have a blast of an evening, you and your house should definitely send us an application!
If you want to know more, or you are curious as to what else it takes to have a basis-tent at the Annual Party, you can find more information in the PDF below.

Specifications and formal requirements

Furthermore you can find inspiration in the links below, that gives examples on how an official and creative application might look like.

Example of an official application

Example of a creative application

Please send your application to

Take a look at the creative applications from previous years

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