Guest Ticket

Purchase tickets for The Annual Party

The sale of guest tickets for the Annual Party 2021 has not yet begun!

As a RUC student, you get free admission to the annual party, if you can present a valid RUC student ID. In addition, you have the opportunity to purchase 4 guest tickets.
So bring your friends, family or acquaintances to the party and show them that RUC knows how to party!

Please pay attention to the fact that it’s only possible to but tickets once,
so buy the amount of guest tickets you need first time

N.B. It requires a RUC login to purchase guest tickets. It is therefore necessary that it is a student from the university who buys the tickets.

After purchasing your ticket(s) you receive them via. mail, so you can print them out and give them to your friends so they can enter the party. This means that you don’t need to arrive together. Your friends just need to show their ticket in order to enter the annual party. If you experience any problems with buying tickets, then please contact (The ticket provider)

Notice: There is only a limited number of tickets up for sale.

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