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Do you want to take part in creating the party?

We need your help to create the biggest party at RUC!
You can become a volunteer and help creating the coolest party by joining as hand, bartender, stage hand or photographer.

We need a lot of cool Hands to help us create this year’s hottest party. As Hand for The Annual Party you can build and decorate The Annual Party from scratch. We are therefore in need of both people who want to be creative and decorate, and people who want to build scenes and installations and more. So if you think it will be fun to create RUC’s biggest party and meet a lot of new people, it’s just you, we are looking for!
During the week you have the option of eating together with us and the other hands for lunch and dinner for just a small price.

We acknowledge the work with beer tickets and possibly a ticket to the infamous Sjatfest, depending on how many hours you put into it. The more you help, the more benefits we can promise!
We look forward to seeing you!
Have any unanswered questions?
Write hand@elgenkommer.dk
Here is a link for our Facebook page for all of our Hands:

As a bartender at The Annual Party you get to have loads of fun experiences in return for your work effort:

  • Prior to The Annual Party you will be invited to a bartender day, which will involve briefing, social activities and party during the evening.

  • You will be able to drink for free during your entire shift on the night of The Annual Party, however, provided you are still able to serve and calculate
  • You will be given food on the night of The Annual Party
  • You will get the ideal possibility to expand your social network on RUC, since you will be part of a bar team, consisting of students from different fields and years of study.
  • If you a couple of friends who sign up together, you can be placed on the same bar team.

  • If you have one of the long bar shifts, you will receive an invite for the extraordinary ‘sjatfest’ as thanks for your work effort. Here you can party and drink for free with all the other volunteers, whom has put in a massive effort as well. However, this requires you to clean up after your bar shift .

On the evening of The Annual Party your tasks as a bartender will be:

  • Setting up and preparing the bar
  • Serving beer, drinks and soft drinks to the guests.
  • Dismantling of the bar
  • Cleaning of the bar and surrounding area
  • We expect that you take your voluntary work seriously and help with the clean up. In return, we guarantee that you will have a night full of fun and educating experiences

Practical information:

On the bartender day, every bartender is provided information on when to meet on the night of The Annual Party. Bartenders finish approximately 2-3 hours after the bar closes, when the clean up is done (the bars close no later than 4 am).

Now you’re probably thinking: if I volunteer as a bartender, will I not be able to see any music acts on the evening of The Annual Party?
For this the answer is: YES! You will also have the opportunity to see the music acts during the night. You are allowed to plan internally on your barteam, to accommodate your wish to witness that special music act you really want to hear.

Are you the person, who can take responsibility and create a party at the same time? – Then sign up as a bartender for The Annual Party by following this link: Sign up not yet open

Have any questions?

Write bar@elgenkommer.dk


Are you interested in sound equipment, and do you like working with big projects?

Then maybe you are the person we are looking for. The Annual Party is looking for 4 Stagehands to assist with changeovers between the concerts at our two main stages. As stagehand, it is important that you are available via phone during the entire evening, be ready for swift changes (e.g. in case of changes in the program), and prepared for physical labour. You are required to be sober as a stagehand.

As a stagehand, you will be treated with a meal during the evening, the best concert spots at The Annual Party, as well as access to the legendary ‘Sjatfest’ two weeks after The Annual Party, which is a party arranged exclusively for all the nice people who helps create The Annual Party.

Write your application to musik@elgenkommer.dk, and tell us why you want to join and possibly about previous experience.

Do you have experience with photography, have a good camera and would you like to spend a couple of hours taking cool pictures at The Annual Party? If that’s the case, we will sponsor some beer-tickets and the opportunity to bring three friends with you to The Annual Party – perfectly free of charge.

The work will primarily be a couple of hours during the evening at one or more of the following locations:

  • Sponsor wall: Your focus will be on the sponsor wall at the entrance. This is the post that will ultimately get the most attention through Facebook after the end of The Annual Party.
  • Mood pictures around Campus: Your focus will be on taking mood pictures of the audience and the events around campus.
  • Concert: Your focus will be on the concerts, the artist and the audience in the two concert tents and the canteen.
  • Basis: Your focus is the basis parties as well as mood pictures.

If you’re interested, write an email to pr@elgenkommer.dk and tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to be a photographer at The Annual Party!


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