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Meet KAMARILLAEN - the organizing group behind Årsfesten 

Since 1976, the Annual Party has been organized by the Kamarilla. The Spanish word “kamarilla” is defined as a group of people, who enjoy the favor of a ruler and whom, without real authority or formal position, exercise their influence on the ruler's decisions. However, behind this creative name issimply a group of 17 happy students, working voluntarily to create a grand party for all of Roskilde University's students, faculty and friends.

Below you can see every member of the Kamarilla, what they study as well as what committees they work in:


Do you wonder what the link between the Annual Party and Mooses are? The logo of the Annual Party at RUC originates from the Roskilde Universitys old logo. Prior to 2016, when Roskilde University got their new logo, the trademark of the university was a coral representation. However, multiple students noticed something else in the old logo; an moose representation. In 2006 the moose was brought to life, when the Kamarilla rotated the logo 90 degrees to the left and so the moose became the logo of tha Annual Party at RUC!

The name and the expression 'Elgen Kommer' has developed from the logo and is also the reason why you often meet the Kamarilla in moose outfits on campus.

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