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Practical information

Have a look at our FAQ below!

If you still haven't found the anwsers for your questions feel free to contact us on or via our Facebookpage.

ATTENTION: If in acute need of an ambulance, fire department, police or security: CONSULT WITH THE NEAREST BAR OR SECURITY GUARD, that way the personnel can acquire help via radio transmission.



Are tickets expected to sell out?

Tickets for the Annual Party at RUC usually sell out. The ticket sale will be run on a first come, first served practice.

Therefore, we encourage that tickets are purchased as early as possible!

Should I receive a confirmation e-mail?

By purchasing tickets for the Annual Party through our website you should recieve a purchase confimation email


Shortly thereafter you should recieve your ticket via mail. This can thereafter be printed and handed to your friends.

How many guests can I purchase?

The limit is 5 guest tickets.

What payment methods can I use to buy guest tickets?

Credit- and debit card are accepted as valid methods of payment. OBS. Please don't use MobilePay.

How do I avoid ticket fraud?

The best way to avoid ticket fraud is by purchasing your guest tickets through our website. DO NOT purchase your guest ticket from scalpers or other private sellers!

If you arrive at the venue with an illegitimate ticket, you will be turned away, and no refund will be provided.

What entrance shall I use?

Students at Roskilde University with a valid student card must use the entrance marked with “RUC Students”


If you are on the special guest list, you must use the entrance marked with “VIP”.


Rember to use the correct entrance from the start. This makes everyones life easier.

Do I need a ticket if I am a student at RUC?

As a student at Roskilde University you must buy a ticket to enter the Annual Party which is free. You shall present a valid student card along with your ticket at the entrance.

When is my student card valid?

You can enter the Annual Party for free, as long as your student card for Roskilde University is valid the month, where the Annual Party happens (september).


If you haven't receive your student card yet, all you have to do is contact the service desk at building 03 and have them create your new student card no later than September 16th, 2022.


What safety measures are available at Årsfesten?

Your safety is of high importance to us. Therefore, we have a lot of safety personel on site. Amongst these are:

  • Medical team (medical care)

  • The Kamarilla (planning group)

  • Professional safety personel (Roskilde Festival Experience)

  • Social Workers

  • Orange Guards

I have been injured - how do I find medical attendance?

If you have been injured yourself or experience someone who has been injuried you can find medical care in building 44 shown on the map below.

If you are in need of immidiate medical attention, then please contact our safety personel, or contact the nearest bar. They can call for help via radio.

My friend is possibly suffering from a drug overdose - what do I do?

If you suspect that a festival attendant is suffering from a druk overdose contact safety personnel immidiately.

Remember that you will never get punished for seeking help! Drunk people should never take care of other drunk people!

Something suspicious is going on - what do I do?

If you experience that something suspicious is happening, we ask you to contact our safety personnel immidiately.


When does the entrance open?

The entrance to the site of Årsfesten opens at 4pm.

How do I get to and from Årsfesten?

Trains run all night in both directions towards Copenhagen and Roskilde.

You can finde the train scheduele at

What kind of food can I expect to find at Årsfesten?

Årsfesten has a multicultural selection of food stalls that can satisfy every taste - this year all vegetarian!

Can I leave the festival site and get back in?

No, you cannot re-enter the festival site, if you leave.

What kind of payment does Årsfesten receive?

Årsfesten is cashless.

Credit Cards and Mobile Pay is accepted as valid methods of payment.

I have lost something - where can I find it?

After Årsfesten all lost belongings of value, such as phones can be picked up from the service desk in building 03.

Lost belongings without high value, such as clothes, can be collected on the 1st floor of the Studenthouse in building 13.

Can I stay the night at Årsfesten?

It is not possible to stay the night at Årsfesten. Therefore, we advise you to pay close attention to the train scheduele.

Is there a wardrobe at Årsfesten?

Yes – the wardrobe can be found in building 45, as shown on the map below. Pricing is 25 DKR per item.

Is it possible to get water during Årsfesten?

Water post have been setup in several locations on th site of the Annual Party. Remember to stay hydrated!

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