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Kamarillaen in a year

Does it seem like your friends from Kamarillaen are planning and plotting for the next Årsfest all year? Maybe we are... 

kam timeline.png

Årsfest planning during the year

During the year we have common meetings and weekends where we get together to work and enjoy each others company. It all culminates in a 10 day "power week" where we live on campus and work from 8-22 every day setting up for the festival. We cap the year off with a party to celebrate our volunteers, and then a weekend where we evaluate the previous year of planning together with the execution of Årsfesten. Not show on the chart below, is that we also have 1-2 meetings for 1-2 hours with our sub-group every month, to work on our specific area.

What it's really like to make an Årsfest


It takes a lot more work to organize a festival than what our guests might realize. Besides all of the big discussions at our meetings, we also have to get first-aid courses, fire fighting courses, conflict management and crowd safety courses as well as a terror and evacuation briefing. We are responsible for 5.000 guests, and we want to make sure that the festival is as safe as possible. During the weekends where we eat, sleep, live and work together, we make sure that communication between all of the sub-groups is smooth and up-to-date. Above all we make sure to have fun together, and the result is that we become a super tight knit little family, who also goes to concerts together, attend pub-quiz nights, goes climbing and does a lot of other fun stuff between the meetings. It is important for us that there are space for everyone, also those who don't drink, have allergies or other special needs. Each year we divide ourselves into sub-groups, this assures that we all get to work on the areas that we find interesteing. You can read more about the sub groups below.

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