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Kamarillaen, Elgen kommer & Årsfesten?

Are you confused? Check out the different pages about Kamarillaen!


A short overview

Årsfesten is the biggest event held at Roskilde University each year. We invite all RUC students and their friends to join us for a night filled with music, food, events and good vibes.


Kamarillaen is the name for the group planning the annual party at RUC. The group always consists of a group of volunteers from Roskilde University. Each year, you can apply to be a part of Kamarillaen, so remember to keep an eye on social media if you want to join. 

Elgen kommer, or "the moose is coming" is the annual partys slogan becouse our logo looks like a moose. The moose works as a metaphor for the annual party. 

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