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  • Tickets | Årsfesten på RUC

    Tickets at Årsfesten At this page you'll find information about tickets at Årsfesten If you're a student at RUC Tickets are free for students at RUC, but you still need one to get acces to the festival You'll be able to get a ticket via your ruc-mail a few weeks before Årsfesten 2024 If you're not a student at RUC Apply for an education at RUC asap and join the party for free OR ask your best-RUC-friend to buy a ticket for you ​ Guest tickets Purchase guest tickets for your friends when you order your own ticket Guest tickets in 2024 cost: 185 DKK OBS: you need to arrive with your friends to show the guest tickets in the entrance

  • Join us! | Årsfesten på RUC

    Join us We need your help! R ead about the possibility to help Kamarillaen run, build or perpetuate Årsfesten 2024 below Become part of Kamarillaen Want to decide who's playing or what to eat at Årsfesten? or do you want to work with HR in an student association at RUC? Read about how to apply for Kamarillaen 2025 Photographer Do you want to become a photographer? Try it out at Årsfesten! Stage Hand (during Årsfesten) Become stagehand during Årsfesten and help our stage crew ensure that sound and lights are on point Bartender Have fun with both new and old friends while bartending at Årsfesten Orange Guard Work as an orange guard at Årsfesten and make our festival guests feel safe Hand Help us make, build or decorate Årsfesten from the 16th to the 19th of September Stage Hand (before Årsfesten) Help build Thorsens Arena in the days before Årsfesten 2024

  • Who's doing it? | Årsfesten på RUC

    Get to know the people behind Årsfesten 2024 ... and read about their favourite Årsfest hacks Nickolai Vesti Isø PR & KÆP Join the pre-party hosted by Queer Culture Club. Here, you can get ready before the festival site opens by enjoying cheep drinks and eat food Christine Natalie Nielsen Bar & HR Bring a lot of friends and show them how great RUC is! ​ ​ William Horn Chairperson & Safety Bring your biggest small-talker game and use Årsfesten to meet all your fellow RUC students ​ ​ Veronica Torp Bar & HR Remember to put your computer and a warm jacket in the wardrobe! ​ ​ Erin McDermott KÆP & HR Bring your old friend group or your new best RUC-friends. It's a great way to get to know each other even better! ​ Kirstine Vinther Christensen Bar & KÆP Join the day-events. In that way you'll definetely get a great start of the evening! ​ ​ Emily Haslund Chairperson & Safety Remember practical clothes ​ ​ ​ Emil L. Kragelund Bar & HR If someone offers rum and coke - say yes.. unless it's a stranger ​ ​ Julie Ortved Gang Music & Safety Remember to eat and drink so that you'll be able to stay out all night and keep the energy high... and no - beer doesn't count! ​ Bertram Kabell Music & Safety As long as you don't get so drunk that you have to leave early and then suddenly find yourself being at Humlebæk station... Then you're guaranteed a great evening! Mathias Klink Hede Safety & KÆP Make sure to stretch. Your body have to be limber!!! ​ ​ ​ Nanna Bank Petterson Music & HR Listen to ALL the music ​ ​ ​ Trine Bekner PR & KÆP Look at it as a marathon - not a sprint ​ ​ ​ Anna Eckersberg Bar & PR Practice your best pick-up line. Bodegaen is a great place to meet your new best friend ;-) ​ ​ Sarah Quintana Safety & Music Just join - it'll be fun as f ​ ​ ​ Also, meet our skilled Orange Guard Leaders Orange guard leaders are employed by Kamarillaen and have the over all responsibility for our orange guards both before, during and after Årsfesten Micky Winther Ronnenberg Orang Guard Leader Remeber to eat during the night and make sure your hangover cure is ready for the day after ​ ​ Oliver Holst Orange Guard Leader If you don't know the music - give them a quick listen beforehand. The concert experience always highens if you know a few songs ​

  • FAQ | Årsfesten på RUC

    Practical information Have a look at our FAQ below! If you still haven't found the anwsers for your questions feel free to contact us on or via our Facebookpage ATTENTION: If in acute need of an ambulance, fire department, police or security: CONSULT WITH THE NEAREST BAR OR SECURITY GUARD. The personnel can acquire help via radio transmission. FAQ TICKETS & ACCESSIBILITY Accessibility Årsfesten is held outdoors at Roskilde University campus. Find the specifics on the guest map. Most of the festival site is on cement, but Thorsens arena is placed on a big grass area. Access to the grass area is either through a small hill or through a staircase. ​ How many guests can I purchase? The limit is 5 guest tickets. What payment methods can I use to buy guest tickets? Credit- and debit card are accepted as valid methods of payment. OBS. Please don't use MobilePay. Are tickets expected to sell out? Tickets for the Annual Party at RUC usually sell out. The ticket sale will be run on a first come, first served practice. Therefore, we encourage that tickets are purchased as early as possible! How do I avoid ticket fraud? The best way to avoid ticket fraud is by purchasing your guest tickets through our website. DO NOT purchase your guest ticket from scalpers or other private sellers! If you arrive at the venue with an illegitimate ticket, you will be turned away, and no refund will be provided. What entrance shall I use? Students at Roskilde University with a valid student card must use the entrance marked with “RUC Students” If you are on the special guest list, you must use the entrance marked with “VIP”. How much is a guest ticket? A guest ticket is 185,- in 2024. Read more about tickets here Do I need a ticket if I am a student at RUC? As a student at Roskilde University you must buy a ticket to enter the Annual Party which is free. You shall present a valid student card along with your ticket at the entrance. When is my student card valid? You can enter the Annual Party for free, as long as your student card for Roskilde University is valid the month, where the Annual Party happens (september). If you haven't received your student card yet, all you have to do is contact Service desk in building 03 and have them create it no later than September 20, 2024. Toilets and access to water There will be acces to different toilets at the festival site, but you are not allowed acces inside the buildings. If you're not able to use the toilets on site, please let us know beforehand and we'll figure something out. ​ Water posts are placed around campus as well. Here, you'll have acces to free water during the entire festival. ​ Should I receive a confirmation e-mail? By purchasing tickets for the Annual Party through our website you should recieve a purchase confimation email Shortly thereafter you should recieve your ticket via mail. This can thereafter be printed and handed to your friends. Can I use my online student ID? Yes, you can use your online student ID instead of the physical card ID. Find your student ID online at SAFETY What safety measures are available at Årsfesten? Your safety is of high importance to us. Therefore, we have a lot of safety personel on site. Amongst these are: A medical team (medical care) Kamarillaen (planning group) Professional safety personel Social Workers Orange Guards I have been injured - how do I find medical attendance? You find medical care (samaritterne) next to the entrance, just in front of building 03. If you are in need of immediate medical attention, please contact our safety personel, or contact the nearest bar. They can call for help via radio. My friend is possibly suffering from a drug overdose - what do I do? If you suspect that a festival attendant is suffering from a drug overdose contact safety personnel immidiately. Remember that you will never get punished for seeking help! Drunk people should never take care of other drunk people! Something suspicious is going on - what do I do? If you experience that something suspicious is happening, we ask you to contact our safety personnel immediately. FESTIVAL When does the festival begin? The entrance to the site of Årsfesten opens at 4pm the 20th of September 2024. How do I get to and from Årsfesten? Trains run all night in both directions towards Copenhagen and Roskilde. You can finde the train scheduele at What kind of food can I expect to find at Årsfesten? Årsfesten has a diverse selection of food stalls each year. We make sure to have at least one vegetarian and vegan options. ​ Fun fact: Did you know that there was no meat at Årsfesten 2022 at all? Can I leave the festival site and get back in? No, you cannot re-enter the festival site, if you leave. How do I pay at Årsfesten? Årsfesten is cashless. Credit Cards and Mobile Pay is accepted as valid methods of payment. I have lost something - where can I find it? After Årsfesten all lost belongings can be picked up from Service desk in building 03. Can I stay the night at Årsfesten? It is not possible to stay the night at Årsfesten. Therefore, we advise you to pay close attention to the train scheduele. Is there a wardrobe at Årsfesten? Yes – the wardrobe can be found in building 03, as shown on the map. Pricing is around 25 DKR per item. Is it possible to get water during Årsfesten? Water post have been setup in several locations on th site of the Annual Party. Find them on the map. Remember to stay hydrated!

  • Work at Årsfesten | Årsfesten på RUC

    Work at Årsfesten? Work as an orange guard and help our safety crew or join the stage crew as a stagehand. Both jobs is during Årsfesten and will be payed Work as an Orange guard Each year we need people to help as orange guards from the festival site opens around 4:00pm untill it closes, usually around 2:00am. The amount of hours you work depends on which task or area you get during the festival. WHAT DO I DO AS AN ORANGE GUARD? Our orange guards is responsible for various tasks during the evening. As an orange guard your tasks could be: Gate supervision Be the safety personels eyes and ears Manage our wardrobe To check tickets at the entrance Manage our Return booths And more... ​ During the festival you'll also function as a living information pillar and answer questions from our festival guests. You will always work together with at least one other orange guard and have the opportunity to wish to be assigned the same spot as your friend. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this is possible but promise to try our best to make it happen. ​ ​ WHO ARE YOU? You are maybe - maybe not - a student at Roskilde University. The most important thing for us is that you want to make sure our festival guests get an amazing and safe experience at Årsfesten. You are pro-active, positive and you meet our guests with a smile. ​ ​ OUR EXPECTATIONS We expect you to be sober and that you want to make Årsfesten a safe and fun experience for all our guests. We also expect you to attend an info meeting. Here, we'll give you a tour of the festival site, a review of the different tasks and prepare you for the roll as an orange guard. This meeting is obligatory to attend. ​ ​ HOW DO I APPLY? To apply, send an e-mail to and include the following information: Name Age Previous experience Wishes regarding tasks, areas, the length of your shift and/or buddy Food considerations or allergies Phone number Not convinced - become a Stagehand Are you interested in sound equipment, and do you like working with big projects? Then maybe you are the person we are looking for. The Annual Party is looking for stagehands to assist with changeovers between the concerts at our two main stages. As stagehand, it is important that you are available via phone during the entire evening, be ready for swift changes (e.g. in case of changes in the program), and prepared for physical labour. You are required to be sober as a stagehand. As a stagehand, you will be treated with a meal during the evening, the best concert spots at Årsfesten as well as access to the legendary ‘Sjatfest’ two weeks after Årsfesten, which is a party arranged exclusively for all the nice people who help create Årsfesten. ​ HOW DO I APPLY? Write your application to Describe why you want to join and include any previous experience.

  • Årsfesten på RUC

    ÅRSFESTEN 2024 Årsfesten på RUC is a one-day festival for all students at RUC and their friends. Campus sets the scene for the biggest event at RUC with music scenes, fun events, delicious food trucks, festive bars and approximately 8.000 students! ​ ​ We can't wait to see you at Årsfesten 2024 on September 20!

  • What we do | Årsfesten på RUC

    Kamarillaen, Elgen kommer & Årsfesten? Are you confused? Check out the different pages about Kamarillaen! A short overview Årsfesten is the biggest event held at Roskilde University each year. We invite all RUC students and their friends to join us for a night filled with music, food, events and good vibes. Kamarillaen is the name for the group planning the annual party at RUC. The group always consists of a group of volunteers from Roskilde University. Each year, you can apply to be a part of Kamarillaen, so remember to keep an eye on social media if you want to join. ​ Elgen kommer , or "the moose is coming" is the annual partys slogan becouse our logo looks like a moose. The moose works as a metaphor for the annual party.

  • What's new | Årsfesten på RUC

    Look what we're up to See our Instagram posts below

  • Volunteering | Årsfesten på RUC

    Volunteering Find your perfect fit below and use the contact details to become a magic moose Hand Hands are volunteers who help Kamarillaen during the week prior to Årsfesten. As Hand, you help build and decorate the festival site. We want to make sure that you as a student at RUC get the chance to influence Årsfesten 2024. Therefore, we need students who want to use their creativity to create and decorate as well as build stages, put up fences, interactive installments etc. Why become a Hand? You'll meet a lot of new people working together on creative projects You'll earn drink vouchers depending on how many hours you spend volunteering, which can be used in the bars during Årsfesten You get to decide how the decorations at Årsfesten are made, and what they will look like Every night our Hands are invited to join us for dinner at RUC after a day of volunteering You will recieve an invitation to Sjatfest if you become a "super"Hand. ​ A lot of students become Hands because of the social component but it also helps if you don't want to worry about money while having the Årsfest of your life! How do I become a Hand? From September 16 till September 19 at least one member of Kamarillaen will be present in RUCbar in Hand Command. Here, we will have an overview of which tasks you can choose between. All you need to do is: ​ Come by Hand Command (before or after classes?) Grab some snacks and choose a task Return to Hand Command when you finish, so we know how many drink vouchers you've earned. Drink vouchers will be available for pick up at the VIP entrance at the festival during the entire festival If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch at or join our noncommitting Facebook group for Hands ​ ​ Photographer Would you like to spend a couple of hours taking cool pictures at Årsfesten in exchange for free drinks during the festival? The work will be a couple of hours during the evening at one or more of the following locations: Sponsor wall Your focus will be on the sponsor wall at the entrance. This is the post that will ultimately get the most attention through Facebook after the end of Årsfesten Mood pictures around Campus Your focus will be on doing mood shots of the audience and the events around campus Concert Your focus will be on the concerts, the artist and the audience ​ ​ Why become a photographer at Årsfesten? ​By being a photographer at Årsfesten you get: The chance to make sure noone forgets Årsfesten 2024 while practising your photography skills A free-bar-bracelet after your shift has ended An invite to Sjatfest - only the greatest party for volunteers at RUC A possibility to meet other students at RUC with an interest in photography ​ How do I become a photographer at Årsfesten? We expect you to have previous experience with photography but does not expect you to be a proffesional. ​ To apply, write an email to Tell us about yourself, your previous experience and why you want to be a photographer at Årsfesten på RUC! Bartender As a bartender you get to have loads of fun experiences in return for your work effort! ​ Prior to Årsfesten you will be invited to "Bartender dag". On B artender dag every bartender is provided practical information about their shift as well as information on, what will be sold in the bars. Bartenders finish their shifts approximately 2-3 hours after the bar closes, when the clean up is done (the bars close no later than 2 am). Bartender dag is also an opportunity to meet the other bartenders and will also contain fun activities and a common dinner. ​ Why bartend during Årsfesten? During your shift we provide you with snacks, food and you'll drink for free You will get the ideal possibility to expand your social network on RUC If friends sign up together, they can be placed on the same bar team. You will receive an invite for the extraordinary "Sjatfest" as a thank you. Here, you can party and drink for free with all the other volunteers, who has put in a massive effort as well . Note that being invited to Sjatfest requires that you stay to help clean up after your bar shift. And don't worry - within your bar team, you're allowed to plan your breaks yourselves so that you still get the opportunity to listen to some music acts during the night. ​ How do I become a bartender? If you either want to bartend at Årsfesten or have questions, feel free to contact and we'll get back to you asap. ​ ​ Stagehand Each year Kamarillaen needs help building Årsfestens biggest stage: Thorsens Arena. In the days before Årsfesten, we need 4-6 stagehands to assist our experienced stage crew. Previous experience being a stage hands is a plus but not a must. As long as you are p repared for physical labour and that you can help out at least for a few hours. We will of course provide safety shoes, equipment and both food, drinks and snacks during your shift. As a stagehand, you will also get access to the legendary Sjatfest - A party exclusively for all the nice people who helps create Årsfesten. Note that you are required to be sober as a stagehand. How do I become a Stage Hand? Write your application to , and tell us why you want to join and possibly about previous experience. ​ You can also come by Hand Command in RUCbar the week before Årsfesten and ask if there's still an open spot.

  • History | Årsfesten på RUC

    The history of Årsfesten When and how was Årsfesten established? Why are members of Kamarillaen wearing Moose costumes like cracy people? Find out below! Established 1976 1978 Terrible weather, but great vibes! In 78 driving plates was not a thing and the fields of RUC was one big swamp. Thorsen told us that this year a gold shoe belonging to woman - official from the ministry of education - got stuck in the mud. The current University director who were her host had to go out in the mud to get her shoe. Despite the terrible weather the vibes were good! 1976 The principal held an official ceremoni. Lector Henrik Thorsen was a part of Årsfesten from the beginning with the ambition to make the greatest RUC celebration 1980 From house parties to a revue! In the beginning of the 80's Årsfesten changed. In the evenings a revue made by both students and staff played circling around current political topics. One of the revues had a sketch were Thorsen played Bertel Haarder - He ''Bertelman'' called RUC from his Bat-mobile and yelled in the phone ''Clean up your mess and align yourself". 1984 From this year Årsfesten got a coordinator: Henrik Thorsen. Parts of the responsibility that earlier was the economic office at RUC, became his with a smaller amount of money for music. He planned Årsfesten together with a group of students, sitting in the wee-known RUC-circle. 1989 A theme! John Mogensen was celebrated in one of the houseparties. The succes was huge and therefore the theme of Årsfesten 1990 became John Mogensen.The principal of the time, Henrik Toft approved! 1993 In 93' Årsfesten divided into two parts: the official part with the principal's speech as well as invited important guest moved inside RUC, in the newly build building 00. The students part "Årsfesten" as we know it today with music and festive events stayed outside at the rest of campus. 1990 Årsfesten grow fast in all numbers which meant the establishment of the Kamarilla. A studentdriven volunteering organization that still today is responsible for everything in regards of planning, execution and evaluation of Årsfesten. In 1990 the Kamarilla helped Thorsen with the creative part as well as practical need to tasks. The Kamarilla was an important force which is why we today know the Kamarilla as the group of happy hardworking people behind the biggest studentdriven one-day-festival in Denmark in the honor of all RUC students, staff and friends of RUC. 1997 Safety first! In the year of 97' the principal asked for improved safety because of the popularity. This meant meetings between Kamarillaen and the authorities regarding the execution of Årsfesten. From this year Orange Guards has been a very important part of making Årsfesten safe. 2002 From this year you could turn on the radio and hear Årsfesten announced as a public party that you wouldn't miss! With the massive influx of guests and the growing popularity the authorities worried for peoples safety, and would only allow Årsfesten to continue if safety was improved! 2006 The logo of the Kamarilla was made! By turning RUC's coral logo 90 degrees to the left a moose appeared. From this day Mr. Moose was born and so was ''Elgen kommer'' (Mr. moose arrives) 2003 The Basis area is born! With more safety restrictions follows the era of Årsfesten as we know it today: a closed party for all RUC-people and friends of RUC. With fences all around the party area, a real entrance and houseparties with a closingtime you would think of a smaller party, but instead more music, beer tents and the newborn Basis area kept the interest growing! Basis area has its name from the bachelor educations that earlier was named ''basis educations''. In the beginning both NAT, HUM and SAM had a tent each - later on everyone basis houses applied with creative and innovative themes and events to get win a tent. For a short period of time there were even a challenge trophy for the most creative tent! 2011 For the first time Kamarillaen tried to communicate by a German land line throughout the week of preparations. In busy situations one KAM-person could lift the receiver in one room and call another KAM-person in another room, by winding up the telephones handle. The rooms could not be further than 20 meters apart... The landline was made of two fixed line phones connected by a wire. Today the Kamarilla uses radios. 2013 The basis area moves from the lawn behind building 14 to the football courts. This your the number of guests also grows and we could welcome students from Absalon as well! 2017 This year was the year with most rain falling since the year of 78'. 2019 Kamarillaen decided to change the music set-up. From this year the two smaller scenes in different tents were history. Instead the ''Avalon" tent from Roskilde Festival covers Thorsens Arena as the only music scene at Årsfesten which made it possible to invite more famous artists with bigger stage set-ups! 2021 Årsfesten is back! This September is the first month in since 14. March 2020 without any Covid-restrictions. Due to the past two years of insecurity with on-going changes of restrictions the Kamarilla decides to reduce the size of Årsfesten with only 5.000 tickets available. Because of campus renovation Kamarillaen decides to change the festival site completely. Therefore the basis area is closed and instead the site is made bigger and more open. ​ 2018 With a storm as wild that threes were falling and tents with damages Årsfesten was in serious trouble just before the opening of the festival site. However, with some last minute great solutions we managed to open the site only one hour late. 2018 is also the year with the biggest concert so far: Suspekt played at Thorsens Arena! 2020 Due to the pandemic Covid-19 the Kamarilla was forced to cancel this years Årsfest.

  • How do I get there? | Årsfesten på RUC

    How do I get to Årsfest? Årsfesten is located at Roskilde University Campus, Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde. Going to Årsfesten you can either use public transportation, bike or drive depending on where you travel from Transportation 1 Traveling by car You can drive to Årsfesten by car and park at the parking lots in front of campus marked with red on the map below. From P1, you have to follow the green route through campus to get to the entrance of the festival site. From P2 you have to follow the blue route. 2 Public transportation Extra trains to and from Copenhagen will be inserted in the train schedule at the day of the festival. Furthermore, t rains to and from Copenhagen runs all night. When arriving at Roskilde University, follow the green route on the map to the festival entrance 3 Traveling by bike Biking to Årsfesten is always an option. We recommend that you park your bike in front of the University if you arrive in rush hour, because we expect the route from Kvadratroden to the festival entrance to be crowded. If you leave your bike in front of the University - follow the green route on the map on foot From Trekroner station to Roskilde University From Roskilde University to the festival entrance

  • Better together | Årsfesten på RUC

    Better together We want the Annual Party to be a safe space for everyone. This means, amongst other things, that all attendants must follow the Code of Conduct presented below Code of Conduct Devised by the The Annual Party Commitee, Kamarillaen Access to the Annual Party You are only allowed to access the festival area if you have the following access giving elements or by other means can legitimize your stay: Valid ticket and identification (for students at RUC: student ID) Illegal objects, body search etc. The following objects is examples of objects that is not allowed on the premises of The Annual Party: ​ Weapons or weapon-like objects Beverages except water Illegal drugs Objects that can pose a fire hazard (fireworks, laser pens, grill or similar) Dogs or other animals (this does not apply to service animals) *The list is not exhaustive ​ The Annual Party’s safety personnel have the right to check guests to see if they pose a safety hazard and have the right to deny access to The Annual Party. Smoking It is not allowed to smoke in the tents or the indoor buildings. Behaviour We strive to make sure that there is a place for everyone at The Annual Party. To make this possible the following behaviours are not tolerated: ​ Racism, sexism, homophobia and other oppressive behavior Public urination Behavior that annoy or harm other guests Careless behavior Wearing marks or symbols of discriminating nature Discriminating utterances or behavior Unsuitable behavior in crowds (Crowd surfing, moshing, stagediving etc.) *The list is not exhaustive. VIOLATION OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT CAN ENTAIL SUSPENSION FROM THE EVENT AREA AND A POLICE REPORT ​

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